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Wayne, NJ, may be less than 20 miles from midtown Manhattan, but it feels like it's a world away. The picturesque university town with strong colonial roots was a central part of the Revolutionary War. It may no longer be home to George Washington's headquarters, but it has become a place where families can live in comfort far enough away from the demands of the big city. When you make the move to Wayne, Bin There Dump That is here to help with any of your renovation projects.

Friendly Conversations

Major renovation projects are often one of the first things that people think about when they move into a new home. That can be exciting, but also a bit stressful because of the mess that comes with it. We provide the best residential dumpster service in the area and we're  always just a quick phone call away. You won't wait on hold or have to work through an automated system when you call us. We answer the phone in person when you call every time.

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Clean Driveways

It's not unusual for some debris to miss your dumpster rental as you're cleaning up after a renovation project, but that doesn't mean that it's okay for it to still be there when the job is done. We place boards down to protect your driveway before we lower our dumpster into place and we always make sure that anything around the dumpster ends up in the dumpster before we leave. We're not happy unless your driveway looks exactly the same when we arrived the first time.

Our Experts Are There To Listen

We don't want you to think of our delivery personnel as drivers. They're dumpster delivery experts, there to provide helpful advice, listen to any request you have and to be part of the team that makes sure your residential renovation project is a success.

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A Guide To Live in Wayne, New Jersey

All home renovation projects come to an end and when yours does, you'll have more time to explore Wayne and everything it has to offer. To help you with that, we've put together a quick guide to some of the major attractions below.

Lakeside Community

One of the standout features of Wayne is the different lakes and community enclaves that have grown up around them. Each one has its own unique appeal whether its Packanack Lake, Lions Head Lake, Pines Lake or Tom's Lake. It's great to explore the many different natural settings that surround these mini-communities.

Dey Mansion

You can't live in or visit Wayne and not visit Dey Mansion at some point. It was the headquarters of George Washington during the Revolutionary Way. As you walk through the rooms it's not hard to imagine the great general planning his strategy right where you stand all those years ago.

Modern Adventures

Wayne is about more than just history though. It's also a thriving modern community. If you enjoy a little theater, the Shea Center for the Performing Arts is a great venue, Willowbrook Gold is an ideal spot for golfers and for a bit of nightlife there's Amore of Wayne - a great Italian eatery that also houses the Greenhouse Bar and Grill for a more casual experience.

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